Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Manitoba United Cast: Sandra Who-skins?

Ah, the Free Press, Manitoba's great gift to clarity of purpose. We see ulterior purpose each time they put ink on newsprint about Man U, don't we?

Well, don't we?

Case in point (as if you needed it...): Sandra Who-skins (Hoskins.)

Sandra What-skins?

Heh .....

Ok, ok, sorry, sorry Sandra. To be fair, you ran in an election, and apparently you are on the Liberal board, so the Internet remembers you at least.

The Internet remembers when you said:

"Why are you running?
Three years ago, my daughter contacted Gary Doer, Theresa Oswald, Hugh McFayden and Jon Gerrard. Jon Gerrard was the only politician who responded to request for help. Jon helped us navigate the health care system to have my daughter placed on the waiting list for a double hip transplant. Six months later, my daughter had both her hips replaced one week apart. It fundamentally changed her life. From this experience, I have learned that one person can make a significant difference in the lives of others. I am running to make a difference for the voters in Dawson Trail.

Do you remember, Sandra, when the man who the Free Press says you just called a toxic obsequious toad of a carnival barker, inspired you through his right actions to take part in the political process?

Well, the Internet remembers, Sandra Who-skins. And now everyone who reads this blog does, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me be so very clear on the topic of why the Manitoba United party is a requirement for the next Manitoba Provincial election.

I present to you:  Sandra How-skins

Because persons like Sandra are so involved in it, the current Liberal Party of Manitoba holds very, very low attraction for most right-minded persons. And we are legion.

The ideas that the party is to represent (which ones? Watch Jon for a while, it becomes obvious...), these core ideas get lost in the grade-school rhetoric of a who-gives-a-crap 'party insider' like Sandra Hoskins. Yeah, I actually know her name.

Because the Winnipeg Free Press (a misnomer if there ever was one, 'cause it ain't cheap to buy this paper...) prints Sandra little ranty, and not the real story, they win the award for most transparent ulterior motive of the year. (If we're lucky, the Black Rod (s) will hand them the prize.... go get'm big guy (s))

Sandra is an important character in the Manitoba United cast due mainly to the 'what we must reject' nature of her role. You have to walk away from her, you just have to, and that's a cool chunk of cathartic art right there. I could not have written her any better myself (and I have mad skills, and you know that.)

Oh, and by the way, Manitoba Party? Umm... did anyone hear that the name is taken? Oh you did? And you still refer to the new party as the Manitoba Party? Oh... did you ever hear of the law? I mean, like, ever?

Manitoba United Party.

It is inevitable.

Thanks to people like Sandra, the time is nigh.

Thanks Sandra. You made a difference after all.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

'Manitoba United' Breaking News: 2 Down, 1 to Go...

(I am too slow to affect history, clearly. Cant even get it all out there in Blog-print before it starts happening....)

Writing away on the next installment of of the 'Man U' pieces, when two of the three shoes drop.

The Green Shoe, and the Red Shoe.

Only need the Blue Shoe, and then Man U will be walking hard.

Look, folks, the 'Man U' official colours are Blue, Red, and Green. And I'm not taking any of these materials back, ok? The colours are picked, and they ain't changing.

The Graphic Arts tail wags the Party Dog this time.

(Hello Blue Rod.

Had enough time off yet?

Time to get busy, compadre. Man U needs your colour, ok?)

Ok, so, like I was saying, the three parties unite under one tent, and go all-out against the Kings and Queen's of Orange. Obvious enough.

If this was just about two parties joining, sure, we'd all yawn, right? Believe me, it ain't that.

The 'real' journalists thinks Uniting Green and Red is about 'saving / growing their little parties'. Go read the Freep article today, you'll see.

Hey, real journalist. Maybe you should think a little bit about what happens when the conservative base looks at the last Liberal platform and says,

'Gee Martha... they are much more fiscally conservative and responsible that the PC's....'

'And that nice Dr. Gerrard would never privatize Hydro, Stanley.'

'And those Greens actually seem to care about farmers, Martha. Look, they even understand the whole watershed issue out here in the country... Hair's a little long, but so was cousin Eddie's, and he turned out all right.'

'Stanley, I heard they want to change the voting system, let people have their say about who they like, and who they don't like.'

'Well, you don't say, Martha... you don't say...."

(Give a farmer a chance to gripe a little, and you will make one man happier.)

Do you get this vision, my Freep friends? Are you feeling the real potential behind Man U?

Well, if you aren't, that's ok. Its pretty bold stuff, this sea-change in Manitoba Politics. Takes a while to really sink in. Just stay open, alright?

(Toodle, doodle, doo... one Blue Shoe....)

Ciao, folks.