Wednesday, 2 January 2013

‘Working Together’ on Marty Gold

We are well trained in the art of working as a team. 

Pluralistic nations require teamwork to build. We have team-building education through necessity in Canada. We can and should work together to do great things.


We should not work together to do bad things. 

The law is chalk-full of strictures against bad-guy teams. Go ask any child about super-hero teams and super-villain teams. Go see the Lord of the Rings (or read it, your choice.) We all know this: you should not work together to do bad things.

So... was 'alledgedly' working together at getting Marty Gold fired from his job at The Great Canadian Talk Show on Kick-FM a ‘good’ thing to do?

I read Anybody Want a Peanut’s first report on the ‘Marty Gold vs. The World’ law suit filed in Manitoba’s Court of Queen’s bench. My stomach turned. My blood boiled. My hair fell out (ok, ok…)

One guy against some very powerful adversaries. A lone citizen against a very powerful team. Like Spidey alone against the Legion of Villains.

One guy, all alone.

And so I asked myself… what would most Manitoban’s do if faced by a super-star laden team such as does appear as the Defendants to Marty’s claim?

“Ummm… run”, I replied to myself.

Run, hide, change your name, get a new face, don’t tell anyone, just hope it passes one day soon so you might get some of your life back. 

Do not fight, do not tell anyone, do not DARE push back against the 'powers play'. Anyone who cares for you will give this advise; run fast, run far, and run forever (if necessary.) The typical Manitoban way of facing such adversity is the posterior salute. Show them your backside as it fades into the distance.

The reason for this good advice is simple: almost everyone knows about the team handbook which elite regimes follow (apparently religiously) to deal with whistleblowers and the like. The Handbook can be found all over the Internet, for pity’s sake. If you haven’t read up on it, here’s the spoiler: the little guy does not fare well for the contest. It is normally a most brutal affair. The end.

As Cherenkov points out, the next play from the power-team is likely the hold-and-stall. Tie’em up on the boards, grind them, poke them, exhaust them, deplete them. The Broadway-street bullies have a nearly inexhaustible supply of legal cash to dump on some poor sap that dares dream of justice. They can crush that dream under your money (our tax-supported 'Justice' departments. That's right, they call themselves Justice. I know.)

It is no surprise that Cherenkov can predict the next play, as he is smarter than Hawking. It should be a surprise that virtually everyone else in Manitoba could make the same prediction. Ingrained in the collective psyche, this business.

Why, the bloody hell, would Marty Gold stand up to a group like this, then? Who does he think he has in his corner, I (again) asked myself.

And I (again) answered, ‘well, who did he support through his work?’

Ummm... Oh.


That might be us.

See, Marty was hard to get a handle on (still is). I can’t sense who he works for, not in the same way as I can sense who… certain other people work for. Marty seems to go after anyone and anything that goes against the public interest. He has his own style that I quite enjoy, and other’s might not. 

Regarding his style, whoopee, Google Kant’s Antinomy of Taste. The only important thing to me is that he talks hard truth a _lot_ more than other news sources seem to. He spurs other voices to join 'the quest' for fact and perspective beyond the elite press release.

Marty further seems without his own petard, foisting hither - tither instead from scandal to rapscallion to regime; wherever the story was, he a-foisted. He was, it seemed, our floating set of eyes and ears, ‘our’ being normal citizens interested in justice within the Public domain.

He was ours. The show was getting very popular, and then… it was gone. Our eyes and ears were gone.

Yet again, I asked myself, ‘what do we do about this?’ (The benefit of having an alter-ego, you can question yourself extensively.)

‘Well’, I said, ‘we can join the team. We can join Marty’s team. 

If he is going to stand up taking shots, we can bear witness. If he is getting hammered, we can cheer him on. If he get’s knocked down, we can pick him up, dust him off a little.

We could also act for the public’s interest. Tax dollars pay the other team’s mega-salaries. We literally pay the bill for the outrages visited upon folks like Marty, but that is the obvious point. The outrage in the gut comes from our sponsoring unlawful regimes who were supposed to be the good guys. _Our_ good guys.

They were supposed to be our team. Actually, they still are supposed to be our team. We should do something about that.'

Thanks, self, I said.

So we need a roster revamp. 

Time to step up to our duties as co-GM’s and control the team, change the culture.

That would support Marty's cause. It actually would.