Thursday, 1 March 2012

'Man U' Breaking News: Rod Rouge is Inconsistent (or not...)

It occurred to me that, when the shoes are a-dropping and the Who-skins a-warbling, I get a little sidetracked.

Due (mainly) to this, I seem full of baloney on past promises made, and prescriptions that seem to modify over time.

Spurs me to address three things quickly (my fragile self-image, this is partly a self-care exercise.)

Then, at the bottom, I'm going to tell you something about myself.

Will unmask me somewhat, but only in small circles.... so small, its safe to say what's on my mind yet remain anonymous ('cause its cool being anonymous!!!)

Promises Part:

1. Manitoba United, I said, needed the PC's and Liberals to Unite.

Then I said the Greens, too.

Q: Why?

A: Because it is a radical concept that I am unpacking slowly, but surely. I'm not done yet.

Hey listen, the Greens are key. How the PC's and Liberals treat them is a litmus test. How James & Co. flex to accommodate this golden opportunity will be... a defining movement.

Mark my words.

Thought I should make that clear.

2. I promised you a glimpse into the future....

Yes I did, and here it is:

Two elections from now, Manitoba United supporters may chose to leave (or not) under circumstances far more kind due to the changes in the electoral process which I (and others) espouse.

More fun with that later, throwing it out in bite-form now to stir your imagination and make part-good on the promise.

3. Promised list of factors influencing the Manitoba United Vote (up or down).

I'll use super-summary if / then's now, filling out 'poorly, late, widely embraced', etc. later:

A. The 'Down' list:

1. If done poorly, then more vote splitting and voter apathy.
2. If done late, then same as above.
3. If done small, then same...

Poorly / late / small cause downward pressure.

B. The 'Up' List:

1. If widely embraced, then army of highly motivated volunteers.
2. If honest philosophical underpinnings, then attract those who reject 'phony'.
3. If well explained, then understood and (more likely) supported.
4. If trustworthy 'platform', then can leave 'there' and join 'here'.

There are many sub-groups under these main headings, but I believe they are the main headings, as a list, so I present.

Upshot: this is a risk.

Execution is key, obviously. It is our responsibility to execute.

Our responsibility....

Right, Uncle Bob?

And so lastly...

About Me.

Sigh... ok.

I build 'lets-all-work-together' systems. I'm frickin' serious. On computers and such. That's me.

I have world-wide patent, trade secret, and mucho actual software designed to bring _very different_ people together to do 'good things' commonly.

And yes I'm serious, this isn't the funny part, k?

Some systems my team and I create seem... bizarre.

They come from Manitoba, an unlikley birth place for such things. They required a tonne of resource (sweat, blood, and tears), investments not often made, especially around these parts. They are big systems... with inner working resembling living things... and that's still kinda creepy, takes getting used to.

Bizarre stuff, Keystone originals.

Yet none-the-less real, and quite effective.

I have been asked why we do such odd work.

Necessity, I say.

A mother crying in a call to you, her heart breaking. Then a dozen mothers. Then hundreds. My heart broke a bit each time, large cracks developed.

(I'd give detail on the contents of the 'calls', but I'm staying anonymous...)

Necessity comes forward and breaks my heart, then this bizarre 'system-stuff' flows out through the cracks. It is meant to help, and often it does.

My day job. Kinda weird, eh?

Now I 'hear' a new system needed in Manitoba, my home.

I imagine a Manitoba United System born in response to cries of necessity.

I, a strange expert, say this can be done. I would like to help.

It felt important to say it out loud.

So... that's a bit about me (me-me, not Rouge me... umm... yeah.)

(I feel kinda naked now.... where's my anonymous blanky?)

Hey, lets do this, right?