Monday, 2 December 2013

Happy Holidays... Infidel!

You know me.

I am, more than anything else (MB politically,) dedicated to seeing the Kings and Queens of Orange supplanted by another worthy Government-in-waiting. They have wandered into absolute power territory, with the expected results. Has to be stopped, right? For our children's sake, etc. You know.

To that end, I was even willing to gather under a big tent filled with Green, Red, and Blue people. I really was... (at least until we fix the first-past-the-post nightmare. Then have at'er, plurality of parties.)

But... oh bother. Brian, honestly, how could we share a tent after this?

Now, you might be thinking that I'm going to saw on the 'infidel atheist' matter.

I am not. Barely care.

However, if you listen to the video around the 9 to 13 second marks, the fella hoping to be the leader of one of the most multi-cultural environs in the world does not know what 'infidel atheists' celebrate this time of year.


It isn't that he has 'his own' way, which hey, I'm glad for him about.

It is that he says he does not know what a very, very large portion of the population of Manitoba (non-believers-like-his-believers) could possibly be celebrating this time of year.


Oh, bother.

So now we have to consider if Brian is fit for the office he seeks. Is he...

... ready to lead?

(Back at'ya, Pro Cons.)

Yes, he is ready to lead, but not the Province of Manitoba. Not all of us, together. Just... some of us, you know, those whom he understands.


Maybe we should ask Rana if she knows what 'infidel atheists' celebrate this time of year. Just sayin'...

(And hey, Free Press, Brian is not running for the office of Prime Minister.

If you are going to show a pie chart to do with the religious affiliations of the populace he wishes to lead, try Manitoba maybe? Wow.)